Custom financial reports can be created with your own rows and columns. Below is a list highlighting some of the advanced features of custom financial reports:
  • Formatting for Rows and column headers
  • Budget versus actual reporting
  • The ability to report on multiple accounting periods
  • The ability to offset columns from the accounting period selected.
  • Column calculations for amounts or percentages
  • Row calculations for amounts or percentages
Running a Custom Financial Report
To run a custom financial report navigate to the Accounting Seed Home tab and click the "Run Financial reports" link. Then click on the custom tab, select the period you would like to run the report for and click run. The report will generate below.
To run a custom financial report you must create a financial report definition to determine the data in the columns and rows of the report.
Creating a Financial Report Definition
To create a new financial report definition:
  1. Navigate to the Accounting Home page and click the Financial Report Definition Link.
  2. Click new report and assign a report name, description, and how many decimal places you would like to show for percents. Click "Save" to bring up the Financial Report Definition Detail page.
  3. Add Report Columns and Rows 
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