GL Account Reporting Groups are used to group GL Accounts together for financial reports on a Custom Financial Report Row. For example:
  • On your balance sheet you could create a GL Account Reporting Group titled Current Assets.
  • Next would be to add all your GL Accounts that fall under Current Assets into the GL Account Reporting Group.  
  • For your Financial Report, this allows the ability to add the GL Account Reporting Group titled "Current Assets" to a report row.
  • It will then sum the balances for all of those accounts into the one line. 
Creating a GL Account Reporting Group
  1. Click on the plus sign (All Tabs link) in the Tabs banner.
  2. Navigate to and Click the GL Account Reporting Groups Icon (Icons are organized in alphabetical order).
  3. From the Recent GL Account Reporting Groups related list, click the New button.
  4. Enter the name of the reporting group you wish to create.
  5. Enter the type of the group. It can be either Balance Sheet for Asset, Liability, and Equity accounts or Income Statement for Revenue and Expense Accounts.
  6. Click Save.
  7. On the detail screen click the New GL Account Reporting Group Line button to start adding GL Accounts to the group.
  8. Use the look up to select a GL Account and repeat this process for as many accounts as desired. 

Note: Once GL Account Reporting Groups are defined (Steps 1-6 above), you can upload the 'component' GL accounts to the GL Account Reporting Group. Click here for the upload template. 

Including a GL Account Reporting Group on a Financial Report
  1. Select a Report Definition.
  2. Select "New Financial Report Row."
  3. For Type, select "GL Account Reporting Group."
  4. Use the GL Account Reporting Group look up to select the reporting group that is needed for the particular report.


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    To find the "New" button goto All Tabs->GL Account Reporting Groups

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    Rebecca Ralls

    Is there a way to specify a group as a RANGE of GL Accounts instead of a collection of Specific GL Accounts? This would make Custom report groups a lot less brittle.  It's frustrating that you have to remember to maintain your custom reports & groups every time you make a change or an addition to your chart of accounts.

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