Private Sharing Model



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    Preasha Hussain


    Thank you for reaching out. I see you’ve also submitted a case in our Support Portal and someone from our Support team is working with you on this. 

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  • Cpinto

    I am still seeking feedback from the community to see if any other past deployments faced these challenges and how they dealt with them.  Sales Order Allocation is a huge issue.

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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Hi Chris,

    I usually use a combination of required fields, screen flows, validation rules and custom permission sets to make sure that the right data is entered in the right place at the right time.  

    If there isn't currently a way to determine whether a given vendor, product, etc. are the "right" option for a particlar transaction, you need to develop one, and then create the framework to make sure the data conforms to that structure when it is entered.  There's usually *some* way to drive users to use the correct data.  

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