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    Preasha Hussain

    Hello Bao, 

    Thanks for the great feedback. I will be submitting this request for review to the Product Development team.

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  • Bao Do

    In your Spring 23 release notes, you made available two new fields on the bank transaction.  "Type" and "Base Type".  In those release notes, you state that to view them, you need to drill into the underlying bank transaction record.  

    It is not practical for users to click into each bank transaction to view the Type & Base Type values on each and every bank transaction. The idea around bank rules is to identify some sort of pattern around the information coming in from bank feeds and create bank rules around them. It's hard to determine a pattern if you have to click on every single bank transaction just to see these two values. These two field values should be included in the BDC drawer.

    Better yet, reconfigure BDC so that it uses the Advanced Line Manager drawer (so that you can declaratively update the contents of the drawer via field set), which is what this original feature request called for.  What's the status?

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