Ability to change the Period of a Payable even with payment applied



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    Preasha Hussain

    Hello Mateo, 

    Thank you for submitting this request and taking the time to outline specific details. I will send this request to the product development team for further review. 


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  • JoannaG

    Thank you for the request, Matteo - this is a big pain point for me, too.  To piggy-back on one of your points - is there a reason that a pre-payment cannot be applied to a payable?  A reason this would make sense is if a company is closed for a couple weeks and wants to directly send rents/other payments out early rather than setting up scheduled payments.  (I'm not opposed to making GJ entries, but they are so time consuming in this software).

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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Hi Mateo - I like your idea.  I also hope AS will consider implementing it. 

    JoannaG - you also make a good point.  This would also make sense if a payment was made against a payable that was then credited.  The payment should be able to be aplied to a future invoice.  

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