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    Preasha Hussain

    Hello Joe, 

    This is a great suggestion! I will be submitting this request to our Product Development team. Thank you!

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  • Rebecca Ralls

    I just discovered a neat product called DocuPhase that does OCR payable imports. I saw a demo, and it looks very slick. Their model trains the system to recognize invoices instead of building a template for every vendor, so - in theory - after the initial training period, you spend less time maintaining it once you get it up and running 


    I recommend checking them out. 

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  • Joe Gramc

    Thanks for sharing Rebecca, I see they have a Salesforce integration so I would imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to get it working with AS. We have a product that is industry specific that works for the bulk of our payables but they don't account for the more normal vendor payables and it works the same way as it sounds this one does which is exactly what I was hoping for. Will check it out. Please share any feedback if you decide to move forward and let me know how it was to implement etc.

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