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    Preasha Hussain

    Hello John, 

    Thank you for this great suggestion and putting in the time to add helpful details! I will be submitting this request to the Product Development team.

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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Having a more user friendly way to edit budget info would be REALLY useful.  I would upvote more than once if I could ;-) 

    When i first saw your post though, I almost disregarded it, because I thought you meant transactional financial cubes, which can't/shouldn't be edited at all.  But budget financial cubes, yes * 1000!

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  • John Benza

    Preasha Hussain,

    I would be more than willing to have a discussion with the development team if/when they undertake this. I have been using the financial cube budgeting all the way back to 2011-2012 and have examples of the issue and the desired outcomes. More than willing to help make AccountingSeed the BEST product for financial management on SalesForce!


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  • Preston McElheney

    We are one year into our Accounting Seed experience and learning each day. Our knowledge of Cubes was ZERO, nor explained during our initial setup. What is the best advice to find resources to better understand Financial Cubes? Am I accurate in reading these comments that budgeting adjustments/negotiations could be handled directly and edited within the FInancial Cube or is this just a hope? Thanks 

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  • Bao Do

    Hi Preston,

    There used to be an article on financial cubes but it might have been removed. At a high level, financial cubes serve multiple purposes in Accounting Seed and it is indicated by type. They are created during the creation of transactions (via) posting and. Also during the close process or consolidation process. Cubes of these type are Retained Earnings cubes, Current Year Earnings cubes, Consolidation cubes, etc. These cubes are used in the generation of financial statements and are basically a way of summarizing transaction data with certain dimensions in order to make the financial statement generation process more efficient and not run afoul of Salesforce governor limits. It is the community's hope in the future that AS redesign the financial reporter so that it is not reliant on financial cubes which would alleviate some of the current limitations. It's been communicated that this is on their roadmap but not with a timeline.

    As for budgeting, AS's budget functionality also uses cubes but of a different type (budget cubes). This can be confusing because you access them the same way you do the other non editable cubes....on the financial cubes tab. These budget financial cubes are directly editable and are used to generate the budget statements. AS doesn't have a good UI for logically making edits to a budget. It is best achieved via data import using a template you can find in their knowledge base. If you need more robust budgeting functionality you may want to look into CloudBudget which has an integration to AS.

    Hope this helps

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