GL Account - Ongoing Snapshot of Transaction History with Running Balance?


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  • Stefanie Michaud

    Hello All!

    Casting the rod back out to see if anything bites.  See original post for full detail.  Looking for ideas on tracking a balance over time for a bank GL Account.  I don't technically need a running balance, however, the running/current balance will always be the last value in the column.

    Ultimately, we're looking to display the balance immediately following each transaction as a single point in time.  Short example - If I have a GL Account with $100 in it, and I add $20 on Monday, and another $5 on Tuesday, the row for Monday will have a snapshot balance of $120 and the row for Tuesday will have a snapshot balance of $125.  Monday's balance shouldn't change.

    As mentioned, there's much greater detail in my original post.  My current idea is to use snapshot in SF.  If anyone has done something like this, or has an idea on how to do it, please let me know.


    Thank you!

    -Stefanie M

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