Incremental Project Billing ?


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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Hi Brad,

    There's no OOTB porgress billing functionality, but there are ways you can get there.  

    How are your opportunities constructed?  Do you use Opportunity Products?  Just one for the whole project? or separate ones for different components? 

    One thing you can do if your structure is fairly simple is to set the percentage on the billing lines using the quantity field.  So if you have 1 product of qty 1 and the price of $5000, you could set the qty to 0.5 on the billing line, and  that would create a 50% billing for $2500. 

    You can do this manually, or you (or someone) can build a flow that does it for you. If you have multiple lines with variable quantities, a flow is probably the easiest/least error prone method.  

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