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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Hi Grace,

    Unfortunately, there's is no easy way "out of the box". But it is possibe to design a custom invoice template that will hide designated billing lines. 

    The two main methodsI have seen it done is with a document generation tool like Conga Compser, or via a custom Visualforce page to replace the Accounting Seed template.   

    If your company is already using Conga or something like it, this is probably the easiest/most affordable way to accomplish what you want.  If it is not, incurring a monthly license fee just for a custom invocie template probably isn't worth it, and you might explore the new visualforce page route. 

    A new visualforce page is something a developer needs to put together, and it can require a decent chunk of hours; I've seen estimates of 15-30 hours, but once it's done, it's yours.

    If you're interested in talking through the options with someone, you can reach out to the finance and accounting team at Coastal Cloud where I work.  https://coastalcloud.us/contact/. As long as you mention "Accounting Seed" in the How can we help your organization field, your message will end up in the right place ;-) 

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