Financial File Import - Vendor Payments


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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Hi Sam,

    If you are creating Cash Disbursements through the bank direct connect feature, you'll need to hit some other balance sheet/clearing account other than AP. Such as Prepaid Expenses.  When you apply the Cash Disbursement to the Payable, that is the transaction that will reverse the balancde out of the clearing account, and reduce your AP balance.  

    You're right that this does not match what happens when you pay a payable directly.  When you pay a payable directly, the Accounting Seed system "shortucts" the application process and the cash disbusement debits AP directly.  You'll notice, in this cirumstance, if you look, that the AP Disbursement record which relates the Cash Disbursement to the AP does not have any transactions.  

    But when you manaually apply a Cash Disbursement to an AP the AP Disbursement *does* generate transasctions, so if you specify the AP Account on the Cash Disbursement, it will hit it *again* when you try to manually apply the Cash Disbursement to the AP.

    Let me know if that answers your question :-)

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