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    End Accounting Period

    The End Accounting Period is where the user sets the timestep where the accounting system ends. The end timestep can be after the last simulation timestep but cannot be before it. In other words, the accounting system must cover the entire simulation time but can extend beyond it in either direction.
    As a model evolves, you might change the run times (start, finish, timestep size) with the run control dialogue (Control > Run Control Panel home theatre subwoofer under 500 here...). Objects created before the changed run times will differ from objects created after the changed run times. Similarly, accounts created before the run time change will differ from those created after the run-time change with respect to their slots’ time ranges and timestep sizes. RiverWare copies the run time information from the run controller to the accounting system so that it knows if there is a possibility that accounts are not synchronized with the run control information.

    Max Iterations

    As with the physical system, slots in the accounting system can be set many times in a run. The accounting system configuration dialog box allows you to put a limit on the number of times that any slot can be set; if that limit is exceeded for any slot, the run aborts with an error message. Be careful to set this limit high enough for the solveinto-the-future behavior of some accounts.
    Below the Max Iterations are areas of the dialog that can be used to define Water Owners, Water Types, Release Types and Destination Types. Each one can be added by clicking on the icon or deleted using the icon.

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