Generate a Pro Forma Invoice



  • Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Dan,

    When you create this invoice, it will post to the VAT GL account in full. Since you only want to report on amounts that were paid, what if you ran a report for open billings with billing lines for a date range prior to the end of your reporting period and then backed this number out of your VAT? 

    Thank you,


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  • Tony

    Several companies create an pro-forma invoice via a standard billing and do not post it. They collect the cash receipt and then apply it to future invoices when goods or services are rendered.

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  • Dan Manojlovic

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your response. It is more about when the final invoice gets posted, acknowledged in the GL and how the pdf templates can cater to that, that it is about reporting.


    Hi Tony,

    Thanks. I like that as a solution. I just wish that the templates could cater for it. I have contemplated generating a pdf from the sales order object for this purpose and then creating a billing when the final tax invoice needs to be issued.

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