Please add Opportunity to Ledger Inquiry in Financial Statements


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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Hi Joanna,

    Opportunities are not, by deafult, written down to the Transaction which does make reporting on them tricky. 

    There is a fix to facilitate reporting at this level, but it will require an admin who is comfortable adding a new field and creating a flow.   

    The new field would be a lookup to Opportunity on theTransaction. And a before save flow can be created that have a decision that has a branch for each type of source record (Billing Line, Cash Receipt, Billing Cash Receipt, Journal Entry Line, Payable Line, Etc.) and an assignment element on each branch that tells the flow where to look for an Opportunity on that source (Like Billing Line -> Billing -> Opportunity or BCR -> Billing -> Opportunity)

    You'd need to trigger the flow to fire on all existing transactions, or all transactions in the last x accounting periods.

    Once that is complete, you'll be able to create a management report that includes opportunities at the transaction level. 

    This can be done for any source record that you want to report on at the transction level - you can use the same flow to do it.  Some companies need this for Cases or a custom object in addition to or instead of Opportunities for example.

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