increase Journal Entry Lines show



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    Preasha Hussain

    Hello Vihasi, 

    Thank you for submitting this feature request. I will have the development team review this. 

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  • Bao Do


    Do you mean on the list view or on the related list?

    • List View - That isn't something that AS controls.  That's a SF setting and also depends on whether you're using Classic vs Lightning
    • Related Lists - If using Lightning, you can control this by creating a custom lightning page and changing the number of records to display.  AS could control this as part of their managed package lightning page but that means it would affect all of their users using that page.
    • If using Advanced Line Manager, then I agree, it would be nice for AS to provide an option to control how many records can be displayed in the ALM LWC.  Preasha - Please take note of this


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