Does Accounting Seed have cash flow reporting options?



  • Tony

    Hi Anna,

    A traditional GAAP statement of Cashflows is not built into the product right now. This is something we plan on adding. Several customers find running a transaction detail report on the cash account and grouping it by source or account a very useful report. 

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  • pete stanley

    Very sad to see that AS does not have this basic application.

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  • Ashley Ewing


    Do you have an expected release date yet for the statement of cashflows?

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Good morning Ashley, 

    We currently do not have this addition linked to a specific future release. 

    Please reference our Release Schedule in the knowledge base and note Key Features to keep and eye out for this and any other additions in the future for upcoming releases. 



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  • Karissa Aleskus

    I am also disappointed to see that there is not a statement of cash flows. This is a very basic financial document that both banks and the Board of Directors expect to see in any financial package. Informing this critical financial statement user group that our accounting software does not include this report as a standard document is very surprising and unsettling to this audience. 

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