Automatic Creation of Payment Method when paying through payment link



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    Preasha Hussain

    Hello Lee, 

    Thank you for submitting this feature request. I will submit this feature request to the Product Development team to automate this process. 

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  • Bao Do

    I concur.  The reason why Accounting Seed doesn't currently have this ability is that they don't have the ability to receive webhook events in the AS Stripe integration.  When the customer creates a payment from the payment link, Stripe also creates a payment method within Stripe.  However, AS has no ability without webhooks to know that event occurred.  They need webhooks built into their integration to know that the event occurred and the subsequent events that occur against that payment method which updates the status or details (which Stripe does whenever participating financial institutions communicate that to Stripe).

    Currently, they only have a scheduled job against payment activities which isn't a good solution for this.

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