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  • Bao Do

    HI Aaron,

    Yes I agree.  The original design as I conceived it was on one singular PDF which is what users expect.  However, I do understand why AS decided to do what they did.  A bank rec can have potentially up to 8,000 records on a bank rec. Therefore with that in mind, processing 8,000 transactions to be included in the creation of a PDF would likely run afoul of SF governor limits.  However, the large majority of clients do not have anywhere near those volumes.  Had I been involved, I would have recommended that they establish a record count limit of the items to be included in the report and then do a count prior to the generation of each report.  If it's under that count, then they generate one single report.  If it's over that count, then they break it up into multiple PDFs. You can make suggestions to their product team through their support portal.  

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  • Aaron Harris


    Thank you, I appreciate your response.  I will make the suggestion in the support portal.

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