Does anyone know anything about the Report Type 'Projects with Project Tasks and Opportunity'?



  • Katie Kampmann


    I am not exactly understanding your question. I may be able to help but would need to see a screenshot or have more details. You can reach me at




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  • Bao Do

    Hi Sara-Jane,

    That is not a report type that comes with Accounting Seed.  Perhaps someone in your organization created a custom report type of this nature.  Additionally, I am interpreting the report type relationships as 

    Primary object = Project (with)
    Secondary object = Project Task (with)
    Tertiary object = Opportunity

    AS does not have a relationship between Project Tasks and Opportunity OOTB.

    If that report type is to be interpreted as Projects with Project Tasks AND Projects with Opportunities, then I don't believe that is possible as that implies two different relationships between the primary object and two secondary objects.

    Hope this helps.

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