Solutions for making mass inventory transfers?



  • Charles Spring

    We also want to do inventory transfers in bulk. I was thinking about using XL-Connector to create the IIM and OIM as part of same XL-C flow, each movement to its appropriate IQA.

    Ideally they would be of movements of Type "Non-Accounting". But I don't see a way to make non-accounting inventory movements any way other than single records using the Transfer button. Is there any other way to create non-accounting inventory movements?

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  • Rebecca Ralls

    Chris, I 100% agree that it would be wonderful if accounting seed would offer the ability to transfer inventory in bulk.  

    We (Coastal Cloud) have developed a solution for this for another client using the Sales Order allocation interface as a template for a custom Visualforce page.  To create a transfer, the client creates an "internal" sales order, and then in the allocation screen, they have the option to select the warehouse and location to transfer the items to, and in the background it creates inbound and outbound movements instead of SO Inventory movements when the form is confirmed. 

    For Charles: If you do go with the XL-Connector route, there are no options to create non-accounting movements manually. There used to be, but it made it too easy to break the system and end up with incorrectly uncosted movements.  If you use the same pair of GL Accounts for the inbound/outbound movement and flip the debits and credits it will net to zero. 

    If you're concerned about the "mess" of unnecessary transactions in your other reporting, you could create a flag on the inbound and outbound movements called something like "internal transfer" that could only be flagged in the XL-Connector template and add that value to the transactions via formula field so that you could filter out the transactions that are related to internal transfers in any reports.

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  • Charles

    One of my clients had the same requirement, and we ended up building a Transfer Orders tab/object, and added functionality similar to sales orders for allocating the transfer order, and then receiving the transfer order. This client has multiple locations, and so they needed the main warehouse to pack transfer orders, and then each destination location would receive the order into their warehouse once the delivery arrived. Happy to share the metadata/code; ping me ( if you're interested.

    Here's some screenshots

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