Amortize Revenue but Changing the GL variable 1



  • Bao Do

    You can't do that unfortunately. Each amortization record sets the GLAV on the debit and credit transactions as the same value. You cannot intercept the transaction before it is created and edit any of the AS managed package financial fields. This includes the GLAVS.

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  • Rebecca Ralls

    The only way to do this is via a journal entry.  Are you sure you want to?  2 things to consider that may or may not be relevant to your business/process:

    1) If you do it this way, it will make it impossible to reconcile your deferred revenue at the GLAV 1 level.  The balance for the GL Account across all GLAV1 will net to zero but there will always be a balance for Var 1 and Var 2. 

    2) Along the same lines: If you run financial reports or trial balances at the GLAV level, it will make them not balance.  The trial balance for Var 1 would net to $100 and Var 2 would net to -$100.

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