Knowledge Articles Updated for Echinacea Release

The following knowledge base articles have been updated with instructions for using the new features and enhancements included in July 2018 Echinacea Release.

  • Technical
  • Set Up
  • Cash In
  • General Ledger
  • Master Data
  • Additional Notes
    • Ledger Field:
      • In Accounting Seed's newest Echinacea release the Multi-Ledger feature has been added.  This feature is utilized for companies with multiple entities.  Due to this enhancement, you might notice the Ledger field displaying in various areas of our application.
        • For single entity company, please disregard this field.  The Ledger field will default to the single ledger currently set up in your system.
        • For multiple entity companies, please refer to our Knowledge Base Articles for further information regarding this enhancement.  Additionally, multiple entity companies will also need to set up My Domain in order to use the Lightning Ledger Application, this will allow easy switching between ledgers. To set up My Domain, please refer to the Salesforce article, My Domain.
        • Our existing clients utilizing our Orders & Inventory Module, will need to assign users which require access to the Sales Order Allocate or the Purchase Order Receive intermediary screens the Accounting Seed ERP Administrator permission set or set their profile or appropriate permission set to have read-access to the Ledger field on the Sales Order and Purchase Order custom objects as well as read-access on the Ledger custom object.
    • Salesforce Files:
      • In Accounting Seed's newest Echinacea release Salesforce’s Files technology has been leveraged for all PDF documents generated in the Accounting Seed application.  Salesforce's Files technology allows for more flexibility and easy sharing with multiple users.  Please refer to the Salesforce Files article for further information on this enhancement.
        • Our existing customers will want to make sure that Files related list is on their page layouts.
    • Unit Tests:
      • Test Data Apex Class
        • With the introduction of the Ledger object in our Echinacea release, we have also updated the Accounting Seed Financial Suite Test Data Apex Class to provide a set of test data which can be used to develop and implement unit tests for integrations to Accounting Seed. This test class provides all the necessary setup data and source document data to facilitate unit test data test setup.  If you have custom code that interacts with Accounting Seed functionality you may need to modify the Test Data Apex Class to support specific business processes specific to your customization such as new required fields or validation rules.  Please refer to our Test Classes.
        • Test Data Suite
        • Sales Order Test
    • Custom Reports: Budgeted Revenue Amounts
      • In Accounting Seed's newest Echinacea Release we have revised how budgeted revenue amounts are entered into a ledger for custom financial reporting. Previously, they were entered as negative numbers. Beginning with the Echinacea release, they are entered as positive numbers.
        • For our existing customers, if you have a custom report that references a Budget Ledger with revenue amounts, you will need to export the ledger, reverse revenue amounts from negative to positive, and then re-upload the budget ledger.



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