Customer payments can be received directly from a specific billing or from multiple billings. Payments can be received as credit cards or checks. If receiving a credit card payment, an account with Stripe must first be set up and a credit card must be on file for that customer. Click here to learn about payment processing via Stripe and adding a credit card on file.


Set Up Billing Page Layout

Have a Salesforce administrator add the Receive Payment button to the Billing page layout and to the Billing list view.


Receive a payment directly from a billing

  1. Open the customer account and select the Billing that you will receive payment from.
  2. Click the Receive Payment button.
  3. Select Check or Credit Card. If selecting credit card, you must be connected to Stripe and have a credit card on file. Click here to learn how to Connect to Stripe.
  4. Verify the bank account, enter the related information, and click Receive Payment. This will create a cash receipt and apply it to the billing. A bank deposit can then be created for this and other cash receipts.


Receive payments for multiple billings

Note: Only credit card payments are supported for multiple billings. If receiving multiple checks, enter these as usual by first creating a cash receipt and then applying it to the related billings.

  1. Navigate to Accounting Home and under Cash In, click Billings (Customer Invoices).

  2. Select a list view. It is recommended to only receive payments against posted billings, but payments can be received against any posting status.

  3. Select the billings that you want to receive payments against.

  4. Click the Receive Payment button.
    1. The intermediary screen will aggregate the billings by customer and the default credit card will be selected. You will have the option to select a different credit card. Also, the default bank account will populate and you can select a different bank if necessary.  


  1. Click on the Receive Payment button. A cash receipt will be created for each customer and applied to all of the related customer billings.

  2. Create a bank deposit for the related Stripe batch and fees.

  3. If the receipt email feature is turned on in Stripe, then the customers will receive an email receipt for the payment.

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    How may we send a pdf of of a billing that includes a payment link via Stripe?

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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Anna,

    Please review Module 2 of this ASU lesson to learn more about the Stripe payment link:

    First, you must have an active Stripe account linked to Accounting Seed. Then, you will want to make sure you have the correct email template setup that includes the payment link. If you have any questions after reviewing this module, please submit a ticket to 

    Thank you,


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