The following is a list of objects in Accounting Seed:

Financial Suite Objects

AP Aging History

AP Credit Memo

AP Disbursement

Account Payable

Account Payable Line

Account Tax

Accounting Period

Accounting Settings

Accounting Variable

Bank Deposit

Bank Reconciliation Billing

Billing Aging History

Billing Cash Receipt

Billing Credit Memo

Billing Line

Billing Rate

Cash Disbursement

Cash Disbursement Batch

Cash Receipt

Cost Rate

Expense Line

Expense Report

Financial Cube

Financial Cube Transaction

Financial Report Column

Financial Report Definition

Financial Report Result

Financial Report Result Value

Financial Report Row

Fixed Asset

GL Account

GL Account Mapping

GL Account Reporting Group

GL Account Reporting Group Line

Integrity Report Entry

Journal Entry

Journal Entry Line


PDF Format

Payment Activity

Payment Method

Product Part


Project Task

Recurring Account Payable

Recurring Account Payable Line

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing Line

Scheduled Revenue Expense

Time Card

Time Card Accounting Period

Time Card Day

Time Card Line

Time Card Period


Orders & Inventory Objects

Inbound Inventory Movement

Inventory Balance

Inventory Balance History


Manufacturing Inventory Movement


Outbound Inventory Movement

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Inventory Movement

Purchase Order Line

Sales Order

Sales Order Inventory Movement

Sales Order Line


Shipment Line


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