Accounting Seed leverages Salesforce's Currency Tables and multi-currency functionality. This task is normally performed by a trained Salesforce administrator. To learn how to navigate Salesforce CRM, visit the Trailhead learning resource in the Help section of your Salesforce account.

Have a system admin enable multi-currency in the Salesforce org by performing the following steps.


1. Confirm Authority

Confirm the person requesting multi-currency has the appropriate authority to enable multi-currency and has considered the implications of enabling multi-currency. (Visit Salesforce Help site to read about important considerations for enabling multi-currency).  

Note that once Accounting Seed multi-currency is activated, it CANNOT be deactivated. (We encourage testing this first in a trial/DEV org or a sandbox.)


2. Enable Multi-Currency

  • Salesforce Classic: Navigate to Setup > Administer > Company Profile > Company Information > Edit

  • Lightning Experience: Navigate to Setup > Settings > Company Settings > Company Information > Edit





3. Enable Multi-Currency Settings

Ensure that your selected currency locale is the default currency that you want to use for current and future records.

  • Please confirm that you have enabled Advanced Currency Management.
    • Navigate to Setup > Manage Currencies.
    • Click the Enable button under Advanced Currency Management.

  • Please confirm that you have disabled Parenthetical Currency Conversion.
    • Navigate to Setup > Manage Currencies.
    • Click Disable button under Parenthetical Currency Conversion.

Once this has been completed, your screen should look like the one below.



4. Enable Your Org

Submit a request to Accounting Seed Support to enable your organization for multi-currency within the Accounting Seed application.

  • Set up your currencies and exchange rates in the dated exchange rates table. (See Adding Currencies and Exchange Rates)
  • Adjust page layouts to include multi-currency related fields. 


5. Adjust Page Layouts

The following fields must be added to the Billings, Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable, Cash Disbursement, and Journal Entry object page layouts:

  • Currency
  • Currency Conversion Rate
  • Ledger Amount

Below is an example of how the Billing page will look after adding these fields.  



6. Adjust Page Layouts

The following field needs to be added to the Bank Deposit and Bank Reconciliation objects page layouts:

  • Currency

Below is an example of how the Bank page will look after adding these fields.


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