Accounting Seed leverages Salesforce's Currency Tables and multi-currency functionality. This task is normally performed by a trained Salesforce administrator. To learn how to navigate Salesforce CRM, visit the Trailhead learning resource in the Help section of your Salesforce account.

Have a system admin enable multi-currency in the Salesforce org by performing the following steps.


1. Confirm Authority

Confirm the person requesting multi-currency has the appropriate authority to enable multi-currency and has considered the implications of enabling multi-currency. (Visit Salesforce Help site to read about important considerations for enabling multi-currency).  

Note that once Accounting Seed multi-currency is activated, it CANNOT be deactivated. (We encourage testing this first in a trial/DEV org or a sandbox.)


2. Enable Multi-Currency

  • Salesforce Classic: Navigate to Setup > Administer > Company Profile > Company Information > Edit

  • Lightning Experience: Navigate to Setup > Settings > Company Settings > Company Information > Edit





3. Enable Multi-Currency Settings

Ensure that your selected currency locale is the default currency that you want to use for current and future records.

  • Please confirm that you have enabled Advanced Currency Management.
    • Navigate to Setup > Manage Currencies.
    • Click the Enable button under Advanced Currency Management.

  • Please confirm that you have disabled Parenthetical Currency Conversion.
    • Navigate to Setup > Manage Currencies.
    • Click Disable button under Parenthetical Currency Conversion.

Once this has been completed, your screen should look like the one below.



4. Enable Your Org

Submit a request to Accounting Seed Support to enable your organization for multi-currency within the Accounting Seed application.

  • Set up your currencies and exchange rates in the dated exchange rates table. (See Adding Currencies and Exchange Rates)
  • Adjust page layouts to include multi-currency related fields. 


5. Adjust Page Layouts

The following fields must be added to the Billings, Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable, Cash Disbursement, and Journal Entry object page layouts:

  • Currency
  • Currency Conversion Rate
  • Ledger Amount

Below is an example of how the Billing page will look after adding these fields.  


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