Accounting Seed leverages Salesforce's Currency Tables and multi-currency functionality. To enable multi-currency for Accounting Seed the following steps must be followed:

Contacting Support

  1. Contact Salesforce and have them enable multi-currency. You will be asked to confirm this decision because it is irreversible.
  2. Contact Accounting Seed support and ask to enable multi-currency. You will again be asked to confirm because this is irreversible.
    • Along with enabling this, Accounting Seed will setup a default “realized gain/loss on foreign currency” expense GL account and add this to the Accounting Settings tab. This account will be used to capture realized gain/loss on foreign currency exchange.
    • Also you will be required to declare your financial reporting currency. Once this is set it is not changeable

Multi-Currency Settings

Once Multi-Currency is enabled by both Salesforce and Accounting Seed navigate to Setup/Company Profile/Manage Currencies and set the following configurations:


  1. Enable “Advanced Currency Management”
  2.  Disable “Parenthetical Currency Conversion”

Once this has been completed your screen should look like the one below:

 Page Layout Adjustments

  • The following fields should be added the Billings, Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable, and Cash Disbursement object page layouts:
    • Currency 
    • Currency Conversion Rate
    • Ledger Amount

Below is an example of how the billing page will look after adding these fields. 

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