As of Financial Suite 3.11.1 the AS Sales Tax Extension functionality is a part of the main product and is no longer an extension package.  If you have been using this functionality prior to release 3.11.1 you will need to move to using the newly included functionality.  This requires 2 things:

  1. Migration of you old Account Tax records to the new Account Tax object
  2. Uninstalling the AS Sales Tax Extension package.

Here are detail steps to accomplish this:

1. Data migration preparation

  • Build a report from the Report Type: Accounts with Account Taxes and Tax Rate.
  • Include the Account ID, and Product ID (these will be used to create your new Account Tax records once the install is complete).
  • Run this report and export to Excel to save the data


2. Page Layout Preparation

  • Remove the Account Tax Related list from the Account page layout, and Product page layout as necessary.
  • Remove the Calc Tax buttons from the Billing and Account Payable page layouts as necessary.

3. Install new release

 Contact support for the new release link, if you do not already have it.

4. Edit Page Layouts

  • Drag the new Account Tax related list onto the Account Page Layout, and Product Page Layout as needed.
  • Add the new Calc Tax buttons onto the Billing and Account Page Layouts as needed.

5. Data Migration

  •  Convert the saved Excel file (from step 1) into an import template by saving it as a .csv file. Columns on the .csv need to be as follows:
    • Account - This should be the SF record ID of the Account record for the Customer/Vendor
    • Tax Type – This will be either “Sales” or “Purchase”
    • Tax Rate – This will be the SF record ID of the Product record that represents the Tax Rate (e.g. MD Sales Tax)
  • Import the .csv file to the new Account Tax object (AcctSeed__Account_Tax__c)
  • Spot check the Account records to ensure the new Account Tax relationships are recreated as you intended.

6. Uninstall the legacy package

 Navigate to the Installed packages list from the Setup menu and click the Uninstall link next to the AS Sale Tax package, and follow directions.


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