Summary of Steps:

1. From the Accounting Home page click Accounting Settings. Click into the Stripe Settings tab.  

2a. If you have an existing Stripe Account simply log into Stripe using a separate tab in your browser. Click the "Connect with Stripe" button and Accounting Seed will automatically link to your existing Stripe Account. Or if the new account form appears simply sign in.

2b. If you are new to Stripe then you can create an account now. Once you click into Connect with Stripe button it will direct you into Stripe where you can create an account by completing the form. When you are finished completing the form click the Authorize access to this Account. After clicking this your Stripe account will be linked to Accounting Seed.



3. To double check you are connect to Stripe navigate back to the Stripe Settings within Accounting Seed and as seen below you will see you stripe account connected. 




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    Jorge Fernandez


    We successfully connected the Stripe Account, but now we have not seen an option to disconnected it. How can this be achieved?


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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Jorge,

    Please submit a ticket to our support team to help disconnect this. You first need to disconnect from the Stripe website and then we will help disconnect in your org. Another option is to just leave this connected since Stripe does not charge any monthly fees. 

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    Jason Parsley

    Having trouble connecting Stripe...


    I have followed the steps and keep getting a "502 Bad Gateway" Error message.  When I look on Stripe under the Connect, Settings tab, and connected applications; I can see Accounting Seed as connected as of today.  However, when I look at Accounting Seed Stripe settings no ID is listed and when I try to connect I continue to receive the "502 Bad Gateway".

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    Mitch Gerwin


    Please submit this as a ticket to our support team through our support website. 



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