Please Note: The Stripe integration to Accounting Seed only supports USD transaction processing. Multi-currency processing will be available in future releases.


  • Currently a refund in Stripe must be done within the Stripe website.
  • You can do a full refund or a partial refund. 
  • A refund should be processed as a Journal Entry

Processing a refund

Navigate to the cash receipt you wish to refund. Highlight the payment reference field and copy the value. 

Log into the Stripe website. Paste the payment reference information in the search field. The corresponding payment record in Stripe will show. Click into the record and click the "Refund Payment" button.


Once you click Refund payment you will have the option for a full or partial refund: 

Once you enter into the amount that is supposed to be refunded it should take 5 to 10 days to appear on your customer's statement.

This refund then needs to be entered into Accounting Seed:

  • Create a Journal Entry for the gross amount. In this case, a Journal Entry with a $63 debit to either a refund or revenue GL account and a credit of $63 to the related bank account. 
  • Record the Stripe fees as usual with a separate Journal Entry.
  • Create a Bank Deposit which will include the 2 above Journal Entries along with any other Cash Receipts related to that batch. 



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