Please Note: The Stripe integration to Accounting Seed only supports USD transaction processing. Multi-currency processing will be available in future releases.

Summary of Steps:

1. Navigate to the Manage Payment Method button in the account of the customer you are needing to charge. 

2. Enter the credit card information into the Manage Payment Methods screen. When the information is entered click the Create Payment Method button. You may set the card to default if there are multiple cards linked to the customer.  Click "Create Payment Method".

Inactivating Payment Methods 

To view credit cards linked to a customer account scroll down to Manage Existing Payment Methods 

Under Manage Existing Payment Methods you will see all cards you linked to a customer. It will show you the status of the card as well as the expiration date. You can click the action link to make a payment method inactive.

Please Note:

  • Multiple payment methods can be added to each Account.
  • If you are upgrading from a  version prior to 3.11 you will need to add the following to the Account page layout:
    • Manage Payment Methods button
    • Create Payment buttons
    • Payment Methods related list 
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    Katie Kampmann

    I am working with a client who has security concerns. They do not want to store the credit card info in Accounting Seed. Is that the only way to get Stripe to work inside Accounting Seed (by entering the credit card data)?


    Also, is there a way to upload credit card data. This client has 150 customers who they would need to enter credit card data for. 


    Thanks, Katie

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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Katie,

    Accounting Seed is completely PCI compliant so the credit card number is not actually stored in Accounting Seed, but with Stripe. Accounting Seed will just show the last 4 digits and expiration date. There is a link between ASeed and Stripe specific for this customer. 

    Thank you,


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    Ardavan Metghalchi

    Hi Ryan,

    Is there an option to integrate existing stripe customers without having to enter their cc info?  



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    Rebecca Ralls

    Is ACH a supported payment method through the AS integration to Stripe?

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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Rebecca,

    Currently, the Stripe integration is only a credit card integration, but we are looking to roll out ACH in the next release at year end. 

    If you look in our application partners section, you will find ACH add on applications. 

    Thank you,


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