Please Note:  The Stripe integration to Accounting Seed only supports USD transaction processing. Multi-currency processing will be available in future releases.


Stripe fees are easiest recorded as a Journal Entry and combined with the successful cash settlements in a transfer as a deposit in Accounting Seed.

Find Stripe Fees

To find the fees per transfer in the Stripe website navigate to Transfers under the Transaction section of the side menu. 

By entering the Transfers section you will see all successful transfers between Stripe and your linked bank account. 

By clicking on one of these transfers you will see all payments associated with that transfer along with the total fees, for example, the -$365.59 below:

On your bank statement, you will see the transfer amount net the transfer fees. This is why it is important to create a Journal Entry to smoothly clear your stripe deposit on your bank rec. 


Creating a Journal Entry to Record the Stripe Fees:

Once you have gathered the Stripe fees total from the Stripe Transfer to your bank you are ready to create your Journal Entry to record the Stripe fees. 


Screen_Shot_2017-09-22_at_12.36.34_PM.pngYou are going to want to Credit your Bank Account that Stripe is transferring the payment to for the total fee amount of the transfer and Debit an expense GL account for the Stripe fees. Once this step is done the final step is to associate this JE line that is crediting your Bank account. 

Deposit with Stripe Cash Receipts & Stripe Fee Journal Entry Line


Once you associate these two items your bank deposit will match the deposit on your bank statement and you can smoothly reconcile your Account. 


The deposit in Accounting Seed now matches the transfer from Stripe.


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