When a child account is linked to a parent account through the Parent Account field on the Salesforce Account object, it allows for cash receipts from a parent account be applied to a billing associated with a related child account.

Use Case

Frequently a company will bill a customer but the payment will come from the corporate headquarters of that customer, not directly from the customer itself. In Accounting Seed it is possible to set up the two accounts in a parent-child account relationship and receive payment from the parent account and apply it to the billing of the child account.

Linking Accounts via the Parent Child Relationship

The parent and child accounts must be set up as individual Salesforce accounts. To establish the parent-child relationship between the two separate accounts, populate the Parent Account field on the child account with the name of the parent account.   


When a parent child relationship is established the "Customer" column will automatically show in the Cash applications screen as shown in the left hand most column of the screen shot below.

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