Many organizations have recurring journal entries they make every month for things like payroll, or loan payments etc...  In Accounting Seed this can be handled by setting up Journal Entries marked as templates.  This is a technique that requires a small amount of declarative configuration and best implemented by your Salesforce Administrator.

Here's how to do it:

1. Create a Custom Field

  • Object: Journal Entry
  • Field type: Checkbox
  • Field label: Template


2.Create a Workflow Rule


  • Object: Journal Entry
  • Rule Name: Cloning template J/Es
  • Description: This prevents a J/E from being initially created as a template J/E, and allows new J/Es to be created from the Clone with Lines button.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Created
  • Rule Criteria: Journal Entry.Template equals True


3. Add a Field Update Action


  • Name: Update Template Checkbox
  • Description: Sets the Template field to false
  • Field to Update: Template
  • Checkbox Options: False
  • Save & Activate


Optionally you can add a validation rule that prevents a J/E marked as a template from being posted:

Create a Validation Rule


  • Rule Name: Prevent Posting a Template JE
  • Description: If a J/E is marked as a template it will not post
  • Error Condition Formula: Template__c && ISPICKVAL ( AcctSeed__Status__c, "Posted")
  • Error Message: You cannot post a J/E that is marked as a Template.  Please use the Clone with Lines button and create a copy of this J/E, edit the details and repost.
  • Error Location: Field: Template




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