You can create process builders to automate your business process. In this knowledge article, you will learn how to copy over the comments from the sales order line onto the comment field on the purchase order lines. Follow these steps to do this:


  1. Navigate to “Workflow and Approvals” in the Administration Setup menu.
  2. Select “Process Builder”.
  3. Click the new button and fill out the following fields to define your process:
    1. Process Name
    2. Description (Optional)
  4. Click add object and select Sales Order Line.
  5. Select the process to start when a record is created or edited.
  6. Click add criteria and enter a name for the criteria.
  7. Choose the no criteria –just execute the actions option under criteria for executing actions.
  8. Click add actions and select update records as the action type
  9. Define the action name
  10. Click record type, select a record related to the AcctSeedERP__Sales_Order_Line__c, and choose Purchase Order Line
  11. Select No criteria –just update the records under criteria for updating records.
  12. Under fields select comment and change the type field to reference.
  13. Click on the value field and select comment from the Sales Order Line
  14. Save and activate your process builder.
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