Mass Email Customer Statements

Multiple customer statements can be saved or emailed in a one batch process using buttons from the Account List View.  There are two buttons, Update Statement Status and Create Outstanding Statements.


The following descriptions explain the difference and how to use each. If you do not see these buttons on the Account List View, ask your System Administrator to add them.

Update Statement Status Button

The Update Statement Status button allows a user to identify only those customers who need a statement sent to them, by first running a process that updates the Statement Needed field on the Account.

To use this functionality:

  1. From the Accounting Seed Home page, scroll down to the Master Data Setup section and click on the Accounts (customers & vendors) link
  2. From the Account List View, select any Accounts you think may need a statement sent to them
  3. Click the Update Statement Status button
  4. From the Batch Update screen click the Run button.  This will change the value of the Statement Needed field to Yes for any Account with a posted Billing record with a balance greater than zero.
  5. You will receive an email when this process is complete


Create Outstanding Statements Button

This allows a user to use multiple Accounts and send them all statements via email.  

Tip: Create an Accounts List View to show Accounts with the Statement Needed field equal to Yes.

To use this functionality:

  1. From the Accounting Seed Home page, click on the Accounts (customers & vendors) link in the Master Data Setup section
  2. From the Account List View, select the Accounts to send a statement to
  3. Click the Create Outstanding Statements button
  4. Verify the Billing Contact information
  5. Click Email PDFs (up to 200 statements at one time)
  6. You will receive a summary email with the customer statement email results.
  7. The Statement will be attached to the Account record
  8. The Last Statement Sent field will be updated to today’s date

Note: Click the Save PDFs button if you do not want to send an email and just attach the Statement PDF to the Account.





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  • 2

    I would like to suggest that you update a new field in the account object indicating the last print/email date of the last outstanding statement produced/sent

    It would be really cool if you did both, last date/time outstanding statement PDF produced


    last date/time outstanding PDF emailed.


    Then the user could sort/filter on the last date sent and only send to customers that have not recently received a statement.


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