Summary of Steps:
  1. From Accounting Home navigate to the Bank Direct Connect tab. 
  2. Click on the Import Bank Transactions tab.
  3. Chose the date range you want to import.  The system defaults to the last 30 days.  You can import up to 90 days of past transactions.
  4. Choose the bank account you want to import.
  5. Click Search.
  6. This will bring in all your transactions from the bank account for the time period you specified.
  7. If you have the vendors already in your system, you can click on the Find Vendor Matches button and it will automatically populate the Vendor field and its associated GL Account field.
  8. After assigning the Vendor and GL Accounts select either Disbursement or Credit Journal for money coming out of the bank and Receipt or Credit Journal for money coming into the bank on the type picklist.
  9. Click Create Records.  

Please Note:

  • There is a limit of 500 transactions in one import.
  • Accounting Seed will display 25 transactions at one time.  Click Next Page to see additional transactions.
  • Always save changes before going to the next page.
  • The system will notify you if you have already imported a transaction and will not duplicate it.
  • If you do not wish to add a vendor to your system, you can set Default Vendor and Default Vendor Expense GL Account values and click the Populate Default Vendor button.  This will populate those values to any unassigned Vendors or GL Account fields.



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    We have created a specific Vendor Account for Misc.Credit Card Charges and book most of our travel/other misc. charges under that name. However, would be still very helpful to reflect the name of the Vendor as it shows on our credit card statement. Would it be possible to have the name copy into a reference field on the actual record? 

    Edited by NATASHA PARKS
  • 2


    This is a great suggestion and we plan on including it in the road map.



  • 1

    Any update on Natasha's idea? That would be a welcomed feature.

  • 2
    Eric Bicknese

    Would it be possible to use the Bank Connect api feature (Yodlee) to Import Company Credit Card(s) as Expense Reports/Expense lines? We would like this as a feature, or learn if we can work with a developer to build this. Our goal is to replace Concur Expense for our 120 Company Bill/Company pay credit cards

  • 0
    Lloyd Leanse

    I agree with Natasha's and Eric's suggestions.

  • 1
    Lloyd Leanse

    Is auto-matching and reconciliation on the roadmap too? That would be very helpful for us, and we would use it every night so that our bank accounts stayed reconciled all month long.

  • 1
    Marcia Smith

    This feature is definitely something we need to have in order to collect the details of credit card transactions much more efficiently. The generic accounts work but in order to really identify where the expense needs to be posted, we need to have the detailed name brought into the reference field. The current process is painstakingly laborious. Implementing this feature would be a significant time saver. Thanks!

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