Summary of Steps:
  1. From Accounting Home click the "Bank Direct Connect" link 
  2. Click the Link Another Account button to add a bank or credit card 
  3. Search for bank or card by name or url
  4. Chose the result that matches your account
  5. Enter your login information for that account
  6. Once your account has been added, click on the Map Bank Accounts tab
  7. Assign the corresponding GL account for your bank (GL account must be defined as a Bank account)
  8. Click the Save button to save the mapping

Note: Bank Direct Connect only supports financial institutions in the same corporate currency as your Salesforce Org.


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    Brad Wilcox

    I'm getting this error when I click on the Bank Direct Connect setup link.  I am a system administrator with all permission set assigned to my account.  This is in our full sanbox.  Can someone tell me what is causing this error?


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    Hi Brad,

    Please submit a ticket to our support desk and one of our representatives can assist you.


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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Brad,

    Since the Bank Direct Connect is a live connection to the bank/credit card account, you will want to set this up in production instead of sandbox. This can be setup, mapped, and tested prior to actually importing any transactions. As long as you do not click the "create/update records" button, then nothing will be imported into your org. 

    Thank you,


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