Summary of Steps:

  1.  From the Accounting Seed Home Page, Click on the Billings (Customer Invoices) link in the Cash In section
  2. Select all the billings you want to send out
  3. Click on the 'Create Billing PDF's' button
  4. Accounting Seed will display a preview of all the billings you want to send with their billing contact and email address (A warning will display if the billing contact or email address is not populated for a billing)
  5. Click 'Save PDF's' button if you wish to save the billings
  6. Click 'Email PDF's' button if you wish to email the billings (up to 200 billings at one time)
  7. The 'PDF Email Status' in the Billing will be updated to 'Sent'
  8. You will receive a summary email with the billing email results 


Please Note:  

You can create a list view in billings with a filter of 'PDF Email Status' not equal to 'Sent' to see all the billings that have not been emailed.


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    Sara B

    What about mass printing? I'd like to think we can do some sort of mail merge or something....

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    Lloyd Leanse

    Many of our clients have asked that one or more people receive cc's of Billings. If Accounting Seed could populate the cc's when mass emailing billings from the billings list view, that would save time and reduce the chance of error.

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    Sophie Kunze

    Can you use an Organisation-Wide Email Address that you've set up to send billings instead of an individual user? 

    eg: instead of

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    Hi Sophie,

    This feature will be available in the upcoming new release, Echinacea.  Our Release Notes should be available in the next couple of days that will provide more information on this new feature.


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