If you create a billing from an opportunity, the Proprietary Billing # on the billing defaults to equal the Opportunity Name (this is prior to creating the pdf). Because the billing has a Proprietary Billing #, the Visual Force page for the billing uses that instead of the Salesforce auto-generated #.

If you create a billing directly from an account (and NOT from the opportunity), the Proprietary Billing # defaults to blank. The user can add a #, but if they leave it blank then the Visual Force page for the billing pdf uses the Salesforce auto-generated #.

If you want the Salesforce auto-generated # to display on the billing pdf rather than the Proprietary Billing number, the simplest way to achieve this is to create a workflow rule on the Billing object as follows:  

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluate the rule when the record is created.

Rule Criteria: Billing: Proprietary Billing Number Not Equal To “” (blank/null)

Field Update: Specify New Field Value - Text Options: A blank (null) value

An alternative approach would be to customize the Visual Force page that generates the pdf so the billing pdf always displays the Salesforce auto-generated #.
You do this by removing (or commenting out) the conditional statement below from the Visual Force page.‍ 

ISBLANK(AcctSeed__Billing__c.AcctSeed__Proprietary_Billing_Number__c)}" /
                                    <apex:outputField value="{!AcctSeed__Billing__c.AcctSeed__Proprietary_Billing_Number__c}" rendered="{!!ISBLANK(AcctSeed__Billing__c.AcctSeed__Proprietary_Billing_Number__c)}" />
Refer to our knowledge article about customizing the billing pdf


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