Archive Transaction Data

Accounting Seed supports the ability to archive transactional data by accounting period. We are leveraging Salesforce Big Objects to achieve this. (Please reference Salesforce Trailhead to learn more about their Big Objects)


What is Archiving?

Archiving is an irreversible process that removes data from the following two Accounting Seed tables by accounting period:

  • Transactions
  • Financial Cube Transactions

Transaction records are removed from your Salesforce production instance and stored in Big Objects. The Financial Cube Transactions table is permanently deleted when archiving. The accounting period will be marked Archived.

 Once an Accounting Period is Archived:

  • You will not be able to re-open it or make any changes to that data
  • You will only be able to report on summary level results from this period
  • The Transaction table with this data will be stored in Big Objects.

Archiving does not effect source objects like Billing, Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable, etc. All the source objects are preserved in your live environment.

 Eligible Data:

  • Data that is eligible for archiving must be at least 15 accounting periods in arrears.
  • Accounting Seed requires a minimum of 12 accounting periods to be archived at the same time.

 What Do I Need to Consider When Archiving?

  • Archiving is irreversible. No changes can ever be made to an archived period.
  • Archived Transaction data will not be reportable in your Salesforce instance, although Financial Cube data and the Source object data will be.
  • Archived Transaction data will not contain details for the Account, Product, or Project, it will only contain details for the Ledger, GL Account, GL Accounting Variables, and Accounting Period.

To archive data, you must have System Administrator permissions.

  • From the Accounting Period Detail screen click the Archive button
  • Once the archive process is complete you will receive an email notifying you of success and the Status will be changed to Archived.


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    Rebecca Ralls

    As of May 2018, is this still the current solution for archiving? Is there now, or will there be, an option using Salesforce Big Objects to store the data instead of .csv records?

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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Rebecca,

    Our next release, Echinacea, will have this functionality. A user will be able to archive each accounting period starting 15 months back and prior. There will be no fee for this functionality. 

    Thank you,


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