Accounting Seed allows you to purge the following non-critical data:

  • Accounts Payable Aging History - Used to document the balance associated with an account payable record for a given accounting period.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging History - Used to document the balance associated with a billing record for a given accounting period.
  • Integrity Report Entries – Used to check the integrity of Accounting Seed data entered into the transaction table.
  • Financial Report Results – Used to document information related to the execution of a standard or custom report definition. The financial report results aggregates information contained in the financial report result value records.
  • Zero Balance Financial Cubes – A Financial cube that has a zero balance for opening balance, current period, and year to date and has no related financial cube transactions.

Steps to purging non-critical data

1. Navigate to the Accounting Settings tab
2. Click on the purge data button
3. Select the records you would like to purge:

  • AP Aging History
  • Billing Aging History
  • Integrity Report Entries
  • Financial Report Results
  • Zero Balance Financial cubes
  • Note - For the AP and Billing Aging History, you must select a closed accounting period prior to clicking the purge button. You can only purge one accounting period at a time.

4. Click the purge button. This will generate a batch job in Salesforce. Once the job is completed, an email will be sent to the user who initiated the job indicating that the purge has been completed.



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    Rebecca Ralls

    Will zero balance budget cubes be purged in this process, too?  Because i have some zero balance budget cubes that had a balance, but now do not, and they are not going away. Can i delete them manually?

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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Rebecca,

    If you go to the financial cubes tab, then you will be able to delete these. 

  • 0
    Rebecca Ralls

    Different question - Does the purge function remove current year or retained earnings cube types?

    I have a client that is trying to delete an old Accounting variable.  They went back to the beginning of time and changed the 2 journal entry lines that hit the GLAV. closed the periods - all the cubes were set to zero opening balance and zero current month activity.  but the current year earnings and the retained earnings cubes remain after the purge - in fact they were newly created when they closed up all the periods. 

    Any way of getting rid of them?  They won't let me delete them manually.

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