How Billing Rates Work:
Billing rates used in billing time work on a hierarchy in the following order:
  1. Project Task overrides Project and Employee
  2. Project overrides Employee
  3. Employee defaults if no rate is set for Project or Project Task
Summary of Steps to Setup Employee Default Billing Rate:
  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup/Manage Users/Users
  2. Click on the user you wish to set the default billing rate for
  3. Click "Edit" on the user record
  4. Enter a value for the default user rate. 
  5. Click "Save"
Please Note:
If you do not see the Default Billing Rate Field on the User then this field may need to be added to the page layout. To add to the Default Billing Rate field to the page layout you must be an administrator. Click "Edit Layout" in the upper right hand corner and drag the field onto the page and click "Save".
Summary of Steps to Setup Project & Project Task Billing Rates:
  1. From Accounting Home navigate to the Projects Tab
  2. Select the project you wish to add a billing rate to
  3. On the project view page scroll down to the Billing Rates related List
  4. Click "New Billing Rate"
  5. Enter the required fields
    1. Employee 
    2. Project
    3. Project Task (Optional)
    4. Effective Date - Most recently dated rate will be used if multiple rates are entered
    5. Labor Billing Rate 
    6. Overtime Billing Rate (Optional) Used if time entry is marked as overtime.
    7. Expense Markup - Used in billing expenses
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