An alert can be set on an inventory balance to notify a user or group of users (Queue) when the quantity available on the balance drops below a desired level. To set up the alert, perform the following steps:
1. Add the following additional fields to the Inventory Balance Object:
  • Alert Level Qty (Number 12,6) - Please note that the safety stock quantity on the product object can be used as a substitute for this field. 
  • Qty Above Alert (Formula Number: AcctSeedERP__Available_Quantity__c- Alert_Level_Qty__c).
2. Add a workflow rule: Inventory Balance Below Alert Qty with the following settings:
  • Inventory Balance: Alert Level QtyLESS OR EQUAL0.
  • Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria.
  • Immediate workflow actions equals task or email. (Note If email below is a template for the email).
3. Populate the alert level quantity on each inventory balance you desire to receive the alert on.
Sample Email Template
The available quantity for the following inventory balance is below the alert Level: 

Product: {!AcctSeedERP__Inventory_Balance__c.AcctSeedERP__Product__c} 
Warehouse: {!AcctSeedERP__Inventory_Balance__c.AcctSeedERP__Warehouse__c} 
Location: {!AcctSeedERP__Inventory_Balance__c.AcctSeedERP__Location__c} 
Available Quantity: {!AcctSeedERP__Inventory_Balance__c.AcctSeedERP__Available_Quantity__c} 
Alert Level Qty: {!AcctSeedERP__Inventory_Balance__c.Alert_Level_Qty__c}
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