Creating cash disbursement batches makes it easy to pay multiple payable records at one time and create a check run.


Create a Batch Payment

  1. Navigate to Accounting Home and under Cash Out click Payables (Vendor Invoices).

  2. Select the Ready For Payment list view. This will show all open and posted payables.

  3. Select all payables or just the ones you would like to pay.

  4. Click the Pay Batch button.

  5. The bank account will default to the bank account set up in Accounting Settings. Change this as necessary and change the type as needed. If the check type is selected, the starting check number will automatically populate based on the previous check numbers used.  

  6. Verify that everything is correct and follow one of the two below processes:
    • Click Create to create the disbursements. This will create the records, but not post them to the ledger. These can be posted in a batch later from the cash disbursement batch screen.
    • Click Create & Post to both create the disbursements and post them to the ledger. This is the recommended process so that a user doesn’t forget to post these records after printing the checks. Disbursements can always be unposted and edited as necessary.

  7. If the type of check was selected, these disbursements can be printed in batch by clicking the Print Checks button. A PDF will be generated in the format of stub-check-stub.

  8. The check stub supports up to 10 lines of detail for each payable. If a check relates to more than 10 payables, then click the Print Full Remittance button to show all related payables.


Please Note:

  • You can make your own custom list views to pay payables.
  • A maximum of 200 payables can be paid in a single batch.

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  • 0
    Sophie Kunze

    Cash Disbursement Batch names are defaulting to a US date format. Is there a way to change that default? 

  • 0
    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for pointing this out, I have put in a product enhancement request for this issue so that the system looks at the locale format. 

    Thank you,


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