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  • JeaNae Remala

    I have a few questions as a new user to the system:

    1.  We like to record the Item Receipt number in the system.  Vendors don't always include our PO on their documents so this make it easier when matching AP Invoices to item receipts in the system.  Is there a field to record this data when receiving in a PO?

    2.  Most all of our orders have freight charges added on to them. They charges do no appear on the PO.  How do we add these to the PO when receiving in on the PO?

    3.  Can an error message be generated to alert the person receiving in on a PO that they are currently, or cumulative receipts on the PO line item, exceed the amount ordered?  It looks like the system allows you to easily receive in 100 instead of 10...    This wouldn't be caught until an invoice comes in, so could really mess up our inventory.  Sometimes invoices aren't received from vendors for quite some time.

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