Any Accounting Seed PDF Format can be emailed directly from the PDF generation page.  The email sent is populated by the default email template associated with the PDF Format record. 

Customizing your PDF Email Template
This video shows you how to create your own email template for sending out Customer Statements.
  • Navigate to the Force.com Home in Setup
  • Under Administer/Communication Templates choose Email Templates
  • Choose the Accounting Seed Email Templates folder
  • Select the PDF template you want to customize
  • Click the Clone button
  • Rename the Email Template and Unique Name
  • Alter the Description
  • Click Save
  • From the new Email Template Detail screen click the Edit button
  • Edit the Email body to fit your requirements
  • Click Save
  • Locate the Template Unique Name and copy it
  • Navigate to the PDF Formats tab and open the PDF format you are changing
  • Click the Edit button
  • Replace the old Default Email Template name with the new one you just copied.
  • Click Save and test.
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