1. Navigate to the Recurring Billings list view. 
    • Setting up your list view with the appropriate criteria is essential to have a streamlined process. 
    • Most customers use the "Next Billing Date" as the main criteria for the list view filter as well as the "Active" field when creating their list view. 
    • For example if your company bills monthly you would want to create a list view that shows all the recurring billing contracts that have the "Next Billing Date" less than 30 days out from today. 
  2. Once you have the appropriate list view simple click the "Create Recurring Billings" button. 
  3. An intermediate screen will allow you to confirm the accounting period. 
    • The next billing date will be updated on all the contracts. You are able to bill 200 contracts at one time.


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    Jason Spencer

    is there a way to trigger the creation of a recurring billing in a WF rule or a Flow?   Perhaps Conga Conductor could be used here as a work around if AS doesn't currently have a way to do this.

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    Hi Jason,

    This would require a scheduled job to automatically create these. We can recommend a partner to create this for you  if you like.



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