1. Navigate to Accounting Home and under Cash In, click Opportunities.

  2. On the next page, select a Closed/Won Opportunity.

  3. Click the Create Recurring Billing button to create a Recurring Billing template.

  4. From the Create Recurring Billing intermediate screen, deselect any lines you do not wish to include on your Billing and edit remaining lines as needed.

  5. Select the Recurring Billing Frequency, Next Billing Date, and Status.

  6. If you wish to create the first Billing at the same time, check the Create Initial Billing checkbox.

  7. Click the Create Recurring Billing button.


Please Note:

  • The Account field that will be used to associate with the Billing must be populated on the Opportunity.
  • A recurring billing template can be set up manually by navigating to the Recurring Billing tab and clicking the New button.
  • When creating a recurring billing template from the Opportunity, the Opportunity products will automatically become recurring billing lines.



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