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  • Paul Roth

    Our Sales Manager will often need to pass information to our Fulfillment Agent for individual Opportunity Products:

    1) One-off Preferred Vendor

    2) Vendor Registration information for special pricing

    3) Other details about how and when to order that particular item.

    Because this Sales Order to Purchase Order layout only shows Product record information, there doesn't seem to be a way to pass that info. What would Accounting Seed recommend in this scenario?

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  • Caroline Beatson

    Hi Paul,

    This can be handled best by having the Line Description field visible on the Opportunity Product page layout.  This will allow the Sales person to add the comments into this field as they enter the opportunity. Creating a Sales Order from an opportunity will copy anything in this Line Description field to the Sales Order Comment field.  

    Hope this helps


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  • Rebecca Ralls

    One of my clients uses a general purpose Misc item as a stand-in for multiple one-time purchase items - but they're running into issues if they have more than one of these misc items on the sales order because the sales order automatically groups them into a single line item in the purchase order interface.  

    Is there any way to turn off the auto-grouping feature?

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  • Tony


    The aggregation should be lines with the same product, project, project task and GLAVs. 

    A workaround would be to use slightly different names for the generic products, or use a different combination of project, project tasks and GLAVs. 

    Right now there is not a way to shut off the aggregation.





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