Create a Sales Order from an Opportunity


Summary of Steps:

  1. Set the opportunity Stage to Closed-Won
  2. Click the Sales Order button on the Opportunity view page.
  3. From the resulting intermediate Create Sales Order page, review and adjust the Sales Order lines, to include, the quantities, any GL Variables, or Project associations.
  4. Click the Create button


  • Any Products included on the Opportunity with the Sales Order Exclude field set to true, will show up on the Create Sales Order screen, but they will be marked to not be included in the resulting Sales Order.
  • The Sales Order Lines will be ordered as they are in the Opportunity Product Lines on the Opportunity.
  • The GL Variables set on the Product record will automatically populate on the Sales Order Line for each Product unless these variables are specifically overridden on the Opportunity Product Line.
  • Any Project and Project Task associations made on the Opportunity Product Line will be copied onto the resulting Sales Order Line.
  • Products with the Inventory Type of Raw Material will not flow through to the Sales Order.
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    Wayne Carlyle

    What if I want to add a line to an opportunity (and a Sales Order) where the Create Sales Order process has already happened?

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    Ryan Faulkingham

    Hi Wayne,

    The "Create Sales Order" process usually happens once the opportunity is closed/won, meaning that it is finalized. But, you can always add an extra line to a sales order by just clicking into it and adding a line. 

    Thank you,


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