The sales order to billing function allows you to bill a full sales order or bill partial amounts on a sales order. Simply click the "Create Billing" button on the sales order and you will come to a screen that will ask you for the quantity you want to bill on each sales order line. This will allow you to fully bill all of the sales order lines or partially bill some of the lines. Simply enter the amount you want to bill and click the "Save" button. The amounts indicated will be passed to billing lines.
You'll notice on the billing line that a relationship exists to the sales order line. This allows for full traceability from the billing line to the sales order line. You will also see a related list of billing lines for each sales order line. This will allow you to see how much has been billed for each sales order line.
Additional features of this utility are as follows:
  • If GL Account variables 1-4, Project, Project Task and Product are populated on the Sales Order Line, these fields will be mapped to the billing.
  • The Revenue GL Account set on the product will be used as the Revenue GL Account on the billing line. 
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    Rebecca Ralls

    Do you have a recommended best practice for the following scenario?: A company has a closed won opportunity for a job that is completed in 3 phases. The opportunity has 10 or more product lines on it each of which belongs to a particular phase: 3 to Phase one, 2 to phase two and 5 to phase 3, for example.  The products are shipped and installed based on the phase they belong to.  But the customer is billed in even percentages of the total at each phase. - 50/40/10, or something.

    How do you keep inventory, revenue and COGS in-line?

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